Oh dear, our staff appraisal is coming up and our New Manager has mentioned the exemplars on the Teachers Council Website http://www.teacherscouncil.govt.nz/ and when I look at the work others have done, I feel a little overwhelmed.

It all seems to be aimed at a level way above me – all done by amazing over achievers. How can I show the quality of work I do when – yes I am a slow and careful writer – it all takes so long. Others just seem to whiz through their learning stories and reflections. I wondered what examples I could share of how I work.

After some thought yes, I have reflections about professional development and readings, yes I have examples of planning and yes I have learning stories linked to my planning. Is that enough??? I think not

Then after browsing the Teachers Council Website I found the Registered Teacher Criteria Self Assessment Tool – yaay at last some tools and reflective questions to guide me. A focus on the reflective questions that accompany the criteria may help my teaching journal.

I feel a little more confident now and luckily I have 2 months to write and reflect so should be able to wobble through quite nicely.