In New Zealand, teachers need to be Registered through the New Zealand Teacher’s Council. After finishing training, teacher must take part in an induction and mentoring course for a minimum of 2 years or until they meet the Registered Teacher Criteria. When previously registered teachers come up for re-registration (every 3 years) it is expected that they have also evidenced practice against the Registered Teacher Criteria. So all teachers have to evidence practice regularly.

Some of our teachers use eportfolio and create learning windows around a provocation, some use journaling and some use a combination of both. I have shared this format with some provisionally registered teachers about what is required to evidence practice.

All teachers seeking to gain and maintain full registration are required to meet the Registered Teacher Criteria. The Registration process involves evidencing practice. You are articulating your pedagogy as a teacher through your documentation. This involves clearly linking your practice to the Registered Teacher Criteria. The suggested format for mentees to create learning windows is below. Those who are journaling would be looking at a provocation and journaling it in a similar way to using a learning window. Please take the time to read, reflect, and work towards these targets.

Create Learning windows (3 monthly)
PRTs will be expected to complete a learning window around a provocation every 3 months. This will mean that ideally over a period of two years you will be able to demonstrate your learning journey through the creation of six learning windows. Link each learning window to different Registered Teacher Criteria so over two years all criteria are covered. Although there is a lot of thinking, collecting, reflecting and dialogue for each learning window, which will occur over the 3 months, it is expected it would take up to 8 hours minimum of technical work to ‘build’ each Learning Window over the 3 months. It is important that you spend time every couple of weeks to build your teaching portfolio – so that emphasis is on the learning process rather than a final product. Those who are journaling will also be looking at a provocation and documenting it in your journal every three months.

Written Peer Feedback (3 monthly)
Enlist collegial support, we all work in teaching teams. The expectation is PRTs, mentors and colleagues provide critical feedback to each other, this involves taking time to read and reflect on the Learning Windows or journal entries shared, and writing up feedback. There is huge learning benefit in this, not only in learning about the learning window focus, but also to give and receive critical feedback from a peer is very powerful. I would expect this to take approximately two – 2 ½ hours to provide online feedback. For those who are journaling – having a transparent path for feedback on your learning is important.

A fortnightly reflective journal entry of approximately 150 words is essential to document an ongoing learning journey as you build your learning windows. These journal entries can be a reference point to reflections, or can be included in the Learning Windows. We would expect this to take around 1 – 2 hours each fortnight.

Regular dialogue with mentor – f2f/online

A presentation of a Learning Window (eportfolio): to celebrate learning, a presentation to the teaching  team, which could lead into presenting to their wider group? Those who are using journaling could show their learning to their peers as well in a similar manner.

Plan for PD opportunities that support your long-term learning goals and aspirations, rather than one off stand-alone workshops

Reference points: The Code of Ethics, Te Whāriki, Registered Teacher Criteria, your centre philosophy, your personal teaching philosophy, staff appraisal and self-review documents.