Teacher Reflection

We are sharing teachers within in the centre. Teachers migrate for a period to work with another age group.

The reasons behind this are:

  • to ensure children are comfortable with more than one teacher in case of absences
  • building links between the under-two and over-two environments so children’s transitions are managed more smoothly
  • for risk management – fresh eyes can see things that may harm children others have become accustomed to
  • to support a larger self-review project aimed at transitions within and out of the centre in 2013
  • having a broader range of contributions (voices) in children’s portfolios
  • growing professional teachers who have an area of expertise, as well as being experienced in teaching all ages – recognising the Registered Teacher Criteria that all learners are planned for
  • teachers have to articulate their practice clearly as they move, so enduring ideas and practices are discussed and reviewed
  • foregrounding a culture of a Park Avenue team rather than disparate age groups
  • professional challenge contributes to job satisfaction and higher levels of morale
  • as teachers move from one area to another they share ideas, shape and re-shape environments and positively transform learning
  • we want excellence in teaching practice reliably and consistently throughout the centre, learning from other teachers lifts practice
  • teachers use different lenses during their ‘mental migrations’ to support practice
  • teachers collaborate to grow practice by sharing and transferring ideas, strategies and practices – this leads to increased capacity to try new things and innovation in teaching
  • for financial reasons; to reduce our reliance on relievers, if one area is over staffed, all staff are able to work with all children