A Lovely cartoon – reminds me it as been ages since I have been to the Winter Gardens and just chilled with the plants – and I only work across the road. Un-busy and reflective has to be the new busy for sure


27june00127june00227june00327june004Lately I have been longing for a spell of un-busyness. This year has just been crazy full-on, with me juggling a number of jobs and parenting demands, and getting ready for the launch of my book. I just want a chance to do simple things – to buy myself a pair of moss green tights, to browse in a bookshop, without the fear of missing a deadline. I’m hoping that after my novel is out, after my residency begins, I will have some mooching, contemplative time. But I’ve probably forgotten how to not be busy. Some weekends, when I’m hanging out with the kids and we have nothing planned I get really ansty. We must do something, I say, and I force all the children into the car, whingeing and moaning, and we drive to a park or a beach. ‘It’s too cold,’ they complain. ‘Why do we have to…

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