In New Zealand, the New Zealand Teachers Council ( is the professional and regulatory body for registered teachers working in early childhood centres.

The purpose of the NZTC is defined in the Education Act (1989) Section 139AA: “To provide professional leadership in teaching, enhance the professional status of teachers in schools and early childhood education, and contribute to a safe and high quality teaching and learning environment for children and other learners.”

One of the key functions of the Council is to set the standards to enter teaching and maintain ongoing membership of the profession. Teacher Registration is one of the paths the NZTC to support the provision of nationally consistent high quality teaching practice for re-registering teachers and provisionally registered teachers.

To support Provisionally Registered Teachers (PRTs) the Council shares guidelines for induction and mentoring available at:

To support re-registering teachers (RRTs) the Council offers information available at:

Some workplaces offer robust support for registering teachers within a framework of policy, a defined process and mentors for each teacher – PRT and RRT.